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The Inaugrual Forum, Miami

June 13, 2022

The Event

The event was held at one of the newest, most eco-sensitive hotel chains in the US – at the 1 Hotel Miami South Beach. Fully energy self sufficient and with sustainable practice running through every element of it’s building and service, the hotel was a fabulous example of what the events industry can aspire to be.

Designed to bring a community of global operations leaders together with supply chain specialists, with the aim of achieving Net Zero, 100% digital supply chains, Brightspace Events were thrilled to support Z100 with their inaugral Forum event in Miami.

Featuring 120 super VIP guests the 3 day event included ground breaking plenary sessions, AI generated networking meetings and interactive and challenging roundtable and breakout sessions throughout. 

The event was a huge sucess and firmly established Zero100 as a bold, inspiring and market leading company in the supply chain industry. 

The Challenges

This event was dealing with a very high level audience – the most senior executives from global brands including Amazon, Nike and Nestle. Their time is incredibly pressured so every second of the event had to be worthwhile. 

The communications had to be laser sharp and the onsite experience needed to be frictionless at every point.  Due to the seniority of the attendees, there were also constant, frequent and incredibly last minute changes to their schedules.

Although we are pushing sustainable events and choices with all of our clients, this particuar event was particularly high stakes due to the content and specialisms of the audience.  We had to carefully interrogate the whole supply chain to ensure their ‘green credentials’ stood up to Z100’s own company ethos.

The Solutions

We delivered a complex, multi-platform registration and networking software system which integrated across Cvent and Grip. 

Cvent was used to manage registration and to build a full, bespoke event app including Exhibitor modules, interactive Q&A for attendees, session and event feedback as well as basic event info.   This was carefully programmed with push notifications and agile content that reflected what was happening at the time.  This encouraged the attendees to really engage with the app and we received a really strong response to session feedback requests which will massively help with programming for future Forums. 

Grip was built to curate some seriously impressive AI generated networking meetings. At registration, guests indicated their interests and experience and were matched across 3 different sessions throughout the event.  Everything was then integrated back into Cvent to ensure a slick experience for the attendee.   This was the highest rated element of the event and the intense work behind the scenes meant that these meetings were a vital part of the experience for guests. 

Onsite, we were able to provide equipment and the technical know how to print additional or replacement badges including different attendee categories and using complex branded badge designs. 

Most importantly though, our staff manned the registration and information desks with the all important human touch and valuable face to face guest experience – whilst also keeping the tech constantly up to date!


  • Creating the event app allowed attendees to view their personalised agenda online both pre and during the event
  • Streamlined onsite experience including directions, timings, floor plans and push notifications exactly when needed
  • Bespoke agendas including 1 to 1 meetings made every second count for our time poor guests
  • All changes were updated live and there was no need to reissue agendas
  • Last minute speaker and session changes went unnoticed as guests simply followed the live information!
  • The experience behind our logistics team also meant we jumped in wherever else we were needed; tracking down missing deliveries, packing personalised welcome bags and loading buses
  • Virtual data team throughout allowed us to be agile, reactive and efficient
  • Managed constant data changes whilst remaining available and dedicated to the client and key sponsors and VIPs onsite

The Stats


Registered Super VIP Guests


Sessions Across 3 Days


Bespoke 1 to 1 Meetings