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NYT Climate Hub

November 4, 2021

The Event

During COP26 in Glasgow, our client, The New York Times, created the most ambitious journalism and event project in their 170 year history, the New York Times Climate Hub.

Client Testimonials

We are very appreciative of the support you provided on what was always going to be a bold, ambitious endeavour. That it was a success was a big collective effort and Brightspace was a key ingredient in the cocktail.

President, International, The New York Times Company

To all the team at Brightspace for the amazing work you did in such a short space of time.

Marketing Director, International, The New York Times Company

The Challenges

Cutting edge content, by design is always agile, reactive and ever changing! The programme was fluid with very little standardised or advance information.
Designing and delivering the ultimate flexible ticketing system – and individually chosen programming – is incredibly complex from both a user experience and data handling perspective.
Multiple spaces, session by session content, and creating a ‘Hub’ drop in feel – all within the incredibly strict COVID and event licensing constraints of the local authority.
A huge number of diverse and high profile stakeholders with often competing and always fundamental needs. Including within NYT itself, the corporate sponsors & partners, activist organisations, many different media outlets and an ENORMOUS crew to bring it all to life!
A real and considerable risk of protestors and activists targeting the event.
An event of this size and complexity was a new experience for the both the internal NYT event steam and their delivery partners.

The Solutions

In just 8 weeks, Brightspace provided full delegate pre-event registration system design and fully managed this system in the lead up to the event. The comprehensive system also provided contactless badging and session scanning solutions and GDPR compliant database management.
As a team, we acted as stakeholder liaison & support for NYT and Summerhouse Media.
Brightspace Events are IOSH trained and supported the event with COVID security services.
In accordance with the brief, we sourced fully sustainable, branded event stock (lanyards, wristbands etc.) and managed event stock logistics.
Every system, process and the whole staffing structure for the entire venue was designed around being agile, flexible and insanely quick and clear communications.
Working incredibly closely with the security team, the venue and the client, every delegate was carefully checked and vetted – yet welcomed with a warm smile and clear direction.

Client Testimonial

I was extremely lucky to work with such a wonderful group of true professionals who, in my opinion, were the true heroes of Climate Hub!

Marketing Manager, International, The New York Times Company


2 weeks of live journalism | Hybrid event with global online audience & 6,000 in-person registered attendees | 6 different event venues | Over 400 speakers | 150 curated sessions

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