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July 6, 2023

The Event

The London office of an American leading law firm contracted Brightspace Events to take on the full event logistics for their annual ‘Offsite’ event for the Partners and Associates in one of their key business areas. The event aimed to bring the team together, foster strong relationships, and discuss and drive forward new initiatives.

Carbon impact vs location and cost were key factors in the venue finding process and, after undergoing a thorough ‘destination feasibility study’ we found a fabulous UK country retreat that ticked all the boxes.

Our team were there every step of the way, from venue find, contracting, transfers, registration, website, all comms, team building, merchandise, delegate management and onsite event management.  Previously overwhelmed, the marketing team could take a step back from the day to day planning and free up valuable time.

(Due to the clients NDAs we can’t share their name or any photos of the event itself)

Client Testimonials

Working with Sarah and the team at Brightspace has been absolutely seamless. They executed a complex event without a hitch and without pulling us into all the mechanics. They helped us develop ideas and build options that were feasible and met all our needs. Sarah in particular is able to look around corners and guide you through potential issues even before they arise, all with a view to sticking to the overall budget.

Corporate Legal Client

Sarah and her team are just fantastic at what they do. It can be tricky to strike a balance between handing over an event, but still being able to control the key aspects. Sarah strikes that balance perfectly. She allowed our team to concentrate on other major projects, while still being able to direct and steer this event. The result was an event that everyone was pleased with.

Corporate Legal Client

The Challenges

The client was very keen to consider the carbon impact of their event and so we ran several scenarios with different destinations which looked at the different groups, how they would travel to the location and then the total carbon impact for each destination.

With the UK having by far the largest contingent, this had a huge impact on travel costs and so the UK was chosen as the preferred country.

Balancing the desire for a fabulous retreat location with budget constraints was challenging. Plus, we’d begun our search relatively late in the year and were looking at very popular dates so a lot of venues were already unavailable.  The search area was fairly tight; needing to be maximum 1 hour away from London and easily accessible for delegates from Europe and the UK.

Coordinating delegates travelling to the event from several varying locations by a range of transport methods at different times, was a logistical challenge.  We were also dealing with continually changing diaries and travel requirements right up to the day of the event.

This staggered arrival also impacted registration and needed careful thought processes to make it seamless.

Some of the workshops team building activities relied on delegates using outside space. It was essential to consider wet weather and have a solid plan b in place.

Some key members of the senior team and the internal resources eg. design team; are based overseas. Ensuring effective communication among team members and participants throughout the planning and execution phases needed to consider time differences, bank holidays, working hours and days. This was a challenge we needed to be on top of, especially with changes or updates.

The Solutions

Venue: A meticulous search for the perfect venue, considering carbon impact, location, and cost-effectiveness, resulted in the selection of a fabulous country retreat that met all the client’s criteria. Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor, was the chosen venue and it did not disappoint.

Their seasonal and local approach to everything from food, their staff and room gifts was inspiring to see and the food in particular really wowed the guests; both in quality and also creativity.

We also cast a very wide net and left no stone unturned when checking availability and presenting options.  Virtual site inspections and many, many phone calls meant we could limit our actual travel to venues.  But when we were getting close, a day on the road visiting multiple options in one trip was invaluable.

Communication: We handled all contract negotiations and agreements with the chosen venue and suppliers which kept it all of the client’s ‘to do’ list!  After exploring a few different options for registration, we built a bespoke web page for delegate comms which included venue information, event timings and workshop content, table plans etc. This page worked really well as a communication channel to keep participants informed and engaged plus it hosted our dedicated event registration site to make sure we captured all the important delegate information – including their menu choices.

The personal touch was key to the sucess of the transport arrangements so we had constant communciation with the Lawyers’ Assistants throughout the process to ensure every last detail was planned meticulously for every one of the 54 individual guests.

Gifts: To reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ generated, we were able to use existing stocks that the client had of branded goods eg. water bottles and tote bags – and we gave delegates the choice of what to have in order to reduce waste.  We then supplemented with consumables supporting local, independent businesses including delicious handmade chocolates and locally produced drinks – always a popular choice!

Transport: We worked with recommended local drivers to manage the coordination of transfers for delegates to and from the venue. We kept each individual updated by text with their own personal transport arrangements and were on hand throughout the event to manage any changes. We also positioned Brightspace team members in the train stations to keep on top of communicating changes in train times to delegates and to be a reassuring friendly face for anyone who had been caught up in any delays.

Fortunately we didn’t need to use our wet weather contingency plan as it was gloriously sunny for the entire event. Instead, we were even able to hold our workshops outside which worked perfectly and gave delegates the rare opportunity to spend time working together in a relaxed informal environment. Drinks receptions, lunch and dinner on the fist night also all took place outside.

Our Brightspace team were onsite throughout the event to ensure a smooth and memorable experience for participants.


The event was a resounding success, achieving the client’s goals and delivering numerous benefits:

Employees gained valuable skills and insights during the event. Fun activities and the chance to socialise with colleagues gave focus on work-life balance and were appreciated by participants as a vital part of building a strong team. Participants reported stronger bonds and improved working relationships with colleagues. Team members returned to work with renewed motivation and a sense of purpose.

For employees to be invited to be a part of this event was a real badge of honour. Not only does it make those talented individuals attending feel valued, it also encourages other team members to strive for recognition and the chance to attend future similar events. Positive feedback generated by the event will undoubtedly help the client to attract and retain top talent.

The event was an unforgettable experience that achieved its intended goals and left participants feeling energised and motivated. We are proud to have been an integral part of this successful event, delivering value to our client and their team.

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