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Genesis Car Launches

August 1, 2022

The Event

A brand new car for a brand new brand!  Revolutionary new luxury car manufacturer, Genesis, launched 3 vehicles in the UK, Germany and Switzerland – during the pandemic.  Their top of the range G70, GV70 and G70 Shooting Break vehicles and groundbreaking customer service concept needed to make an impression across the European press, fleet buyers and influencers and further boost their dynamic social and TV campaigns.

(Images by Genesis Motor Europe)

Client Testimonials

Could not have done it without you guys! thank you!! 👏🏻💪🏻

Jon Walsh
PR & Communications Manager at Genesis Motor Europe GmbH

Absolute pleasure working with all of you on these great events

Lynne Short
Freelance Event Manager

The Challenges

COVID restrictions and factory shutdowns causing vehicle delivery delays were just 2 of the challenges facing the team.  We were working across 3 different countries with wildly different, constantly moving COVID regulations and an ever changing ‘go live’ date.

The astoundingly passionate Genesis team, led by Jon Walsh, were new to launches and were still waiting for their central Event Manager, Ana Hetzig, to join the business.

They needed a strong and steady influence to co-ordinate all of the different activities and drive the launch planning forward amongst all the other business critical demands of the brand launch.

The Solutions

The G70 and GV70 launches were held simultaneously in August 2021 – but despite everyone’s efforts, COVID regulations in Germany and Switzerland prevented a live event.  Instead, we built on the successful Genesis ‘We Come to You’ service – and personally delivered the vehicles to journalists’ homes together with full brand kit and messages. 

With our UK covid expertise, we delivered an exclusive LIVE launch running for a week at the stunning and stylish Windmill Hill at Waddesdon Manor which was the perfect setting for the full Genesis brand experience.  Korean themed catering and 1st class quality, personal service enhanced the brand’s values.

Finally, in September 2021, restrictions eased enough for an in person launch over 2 weeks at the fabulous Penha Longa .  The very first European Pan European Test Drive for Genesis!!  A reputation for being relatively ‘open’ throughout the pandemic, a familiar hotel and excellent driving routes made Portugal the ideal choice.

Client Testimonial

The G70 Shooting Brake is a sleek, attractive looking machine and sure to stand out in the sea of SUVs and crossovers at the school gate.



Customer feedback was excellent and the launch generated 41 high quality pieces of coverage for Genesis and the three vehicles across the European Press including a 4 star review in Autocar. The social media and influencers content was also incredibly successful and has firmly established Genesis as a serious player in the luxury car market.

The Genesis G70 Shooting Brake was recently awarded the title of ‘Best Estate’ at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2022

The Stats


Car Models Launched in 4 countries


Journalists & Influencers


Vehicles onsite